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Men's Support Group

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Men's Support Group

Men's Support Group

In today's society men are too often vilified and have little or no support when they have been falsely accused or wrongfully treated especially by their partner or spouse. Our new program will teach men how to cope with difficult situations, abusive partners and the law. It will also provide a forum for males to socially network with each other, in order to reduce lonliness and  a sense of alienation from family and friends.

Group Psychotherapy

Fees: $40/session  Each group: A total of 5 Sessions  Time: Fridays 5:00 to 6:30 pm (current) Place: Anger Management Centre of Toronto, Inc.
           5995-14th Avenue, Unit A2B
           Markham, ON. L3S 0A2 List of topics to be discussed: 

  1. What it means to be a male in today's society.
  2. Core principles of effective communication 
  3. How to build nurturing relationships with your partner. 
  4. How to build nurturing relationships with your children/teens. 
  5. Men and the law.
  6. Coping with an abusive partner.
  7. Gender roles in our society. 
  8. Review of the above.

Note: This is not an Anger Management Program; howeveranger related issues are included in the discussions.

Please call the numbers below to enroll.

Latchman Narain, Ph.D.
Director/Family Counsellor
Milliken Medical Centre

Office: (416) 291-8884 
Office: (416) 289-2856
Cell :(416) 902-6437
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Men's Support Group
Brand Men's Support Group
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Markham Healthplex Centre
5995 14th Avenue, Unit A2B
Markham, ON L3S 0A2
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