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Impulse Control

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Impulse Control

The Impulse Control program is designed to help clients recognize their impulses and control them. It aims to help clients take responsibility and ownership for their behaviours. For clients who do not need to complete the entire counselling program, single session therapy (SST) is available; the cost is $150 per session and more sessions can be arranged as needed.

The 10-session program gives clients the opportunity to examine their decision-making capabilities and to understand the concept of taking ownership for one’s actions. The program can be individualized to the unique needs of the client.

  The Report of Completion is only issued once fees are paid in full.  

Goals of Impulse Control Counselling

  1. Building a therapeutic relationship with the client
  2. Helping the client recognize their impulses
  3. Discussing how to make appropriate decisions based on consequences

Counselling Topics

The following topics are discussed and worked through per session in the Impulse Control Program:

  1. Assessment: narrative, context of precipitating events
  2. What are impulses?
  3. Impulse control: proactive vs. reactive, respond vs. react
  4. Understanding the consequences of inappropriate choices and behavior
  5. Developing and maintaining respect for others based on autonomy and integrity
  6. Taking ownership and responsibility for one’s actions
  7. Evaluating progress: behaviors, cognitions
  8. How to avoid recidivism
  9. Stress management
  10. Review of the above topics
Impulse Control
Brand Impulse Control
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