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International Mental Health Day

International Mental Health Day

 International Mental Health Day was celebrated on October 10th, 2022, and this article will discuss some key ideas on mental health and treatment methods. This date is significant because it provides a forum to communicate with the public and other professionals on the issue of mental health, which considerably impacts our physical health and overall well-being. The main aim is to raise awareness and improve the quality of mental health care.

Good mental health refers to a condition where a person's feelings, moods, thinking, and behaviours are in balance to promote the development of potential and optimal functioning of the individual. Although figures may vary according to country, across the globe about 25% of the population suffers some form of mental illness such as anxiety and depression, yet less than 3% of their resources are usually devoted to this problem. This creates a serious resource gap leading to huge economic, medical, and social problems. It is obvious that our responses are insufficient and inadequate to our mental health needs. Based on available data from the World Health Organization, WHO, over 60% of persons who have been diagnosed with a mental health problem are not on any treatment plan.

One's mental health is influenced by a complex interaction between biological, individual, family, and community factors. It can be placed on a scale ranging from mild relationship challenges to a major mental illness with different treatment methods for each type of mental health condition.

Improving mental health is everyone's business. We need to improve the level of education so that persons can practice better self-care and stigmatization and discrimination of persons with mental health problems are reduced or prevented. We need to teach the principles of mental well-being at every level of our society on a larger scale and integrate treatment methods as far as possible. As an example, more regular hospitals can offer some extended form of psychological, psychiatric, and community care.

We must turn awareness into action to deal with the suffering of mental health, or if you will, mental illness issues. We also need to offer more emotional and other forms of support to mental health workers who work in the field.  

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