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International Mental Health Day

International Mental Health Day

 International Mental Health Day was celebrated on October 10th, 2022, and this article will discuss some key ideas on mental health and treatment methods. This date is significant because it provides a forum to communicate with the public and other professionals on the issue of mental health, which considerably impacts our physical health and...

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Dealing with Anger


When most of us hear the word enemies, we probably think immediately of all the people who have actually hurt or harmed us. But there are also tricky adversaries (obstacles) that we all have to contend with—our own inner enemies. These are inner qualities such as anger, greed, lust and ego. Ego refers to excessive self-importance and the belief tha...

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Alcohol & Its Effects


Alcohol abuse is perhaps one of the biggest social and health concerns today. An alcohol-abuse disorder is defined as "problem drinking that affects a person's social, economic, or physical wellbeing." The destructive effects on families and relationships, and the social consequences are well known. Children are often most severely affected, as the...

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10 Things That May Trigger One's Anxiety


Anxiety is a state of emotion where one feels tense, worried and/or nervous. There are many reasons people experience anxiety and it is partially dependant on the circumstances of your life, such as school, work, relationships, etc. If you are experiencing anxiety and are not sure what is triggering it, it could be one of the following reasons...

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Avoid Taking Things Personally


Avoid taking thingss personally. When people are rude to you, it is usually how they relate to themselves rather than a reflection of you. If they have a poor relationship with themselves, it will show up in how they treat others and, in this case, rather you. As such we must avoid taking things personally as much as possible. In fact, it is almost...

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Violence Against Women Cannot Be Justified In Any Way

Violence Against Women Cannot Be Justified In Any Way

The issue of domestic violence against women and children worldwide is constantly prevalent. Usually, jealousy is the primary emotion driving violence against a partner. Males sometimes are very suspicious that their partners are having an affair and often in a vengeful, rage-filled state, would attack their partners, often without evidence.&n...

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Maintaining A Positive Attitude During the COVID-19 Pandemic


It is easy to think yourself into an anxious mood. This pandemic has us all asking ourselves, when will things be normal again? Unfortunately, the reality may be that our "normal" lifestyle may not return for a while. In order to cope with this pandemic, we have to accept what is and develop effective coping strategies to deal with daily ...

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The Connection Between Verbal Abuse and Anxiety Everyone Ignores

There is a strong link between anxiety and long-term mental abuse. Chronic stress and trauma lead to various mental disorders, one of which is anxiety. However, many people overlook the serious negative effects of mental abuse, but it is on the same level of harmfulness as physical abuse. People can suffer a lot due to being yelled at, insulted, an...

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Enlightened Consciousness: Letting Go of Attachments & Expectations, As Distinct from Plans


It is a most liberating experience when you can live life with an attitude of no expectations. When you have expectations, you have preconceived ideas of how things should be that you are attached to. Expectation creates fear because you think what you desire may or may not happen. Free of expectations, you can just go with the flow of the universe...

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Mental Illness Is the Most Neglected Health Problem in The Developing World


When we think of international aid, we usually picture packages of food, vaccines, and water sanitation systems. Evidently, these are all fundamental needs for a healthy society. However, there's another, equally fundamental, component that is too often overlooked: mental health. Mental health is an underserved cause in international aid for the sa...

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Conflict Resolution


As human beings we share much in common especially when it comes to our needs; our needs are fundamentally the same. So, while we may have differences in opinions and approaches, we must always keep in mind that our needs are the same and if we learn to work cooperatively, we can help to fulfill these needs to a maximum degree. An example of needs ...

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How Can I Learn to Control My Temper?

How Can I Learn to Control My Temper?

Anger is a very pervasive problem in our society and the levels of anger displayed by some individuals seem to be spiraling out of control. As a society, we pay the price for uncontrolled anger in the form of broken families, medical expenses and law enforcement bills. The first step is to take responsibility for your angry behavior rathe...

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