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"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else. You are the one who gets burned. "


Learn How We Can Help You!

Learn how we can help you with our one-on-one and small groups counselling sessions. Our aim is not only to please you but to amaze you with the quality of our services.

We can help you!

  • Develop greater awareness of the problems or concerns you may have.
  • Talk about your concerns in a supportive and empathic environment.
  • Learn coping strategies to address your difficulties.
  • Explore solutions to your challenges with your counsellor.
  • Learn how to apply counselling insights and strategies in your everyday life.
  • Learn about available resources to help you.

How do you get maximum benefits from counselling?

  • Have some ideas as to how you can benefit from counselling.
  • Define your goals with the help of your counsellor.
  • Be an active participant; share your story, experience.
  • Be patient with yourself. Growth takes time, effort, and patience.
  • Work with your counsellor to create solutions for your concerns/issues.
  • Ask questions.
  • Provide feedback about your counselling progress.

Court Accepted Counselling Programs

Our counselling programs are usually accepted by the legal court system, for clients with this requirement.

Programs offered by the Anger Management Centre of Toronto, Inc. meet and fulfill the usual conditions for probation, as stipulated by the probation officer and the Ontario Justice Court System.

Upon request, we ( Anger Management Centre of Toronto, Inc.) will issue a Report and/or a Certificate of Completion which is usually accepted by the Ontario Justice Court System and the Ministry of Public safety (probation services), after the successful completion of the specific programs. We provide a written report, dealing with the client's progress in counselling, not a scoring report. 

* Counselling sessions are usually available in-person, over the telephone if required.


Educational Seminars & Workshop Presentations

As an outreach to the community and businesses/enterprises, the Anger Management Centre of Toronto, Inc. conducts educational seminars and discussion groups.

The topics covered are stress and anger management, other topics such as anxiety and relationships may also be covered when necessary.

A seminar is approximately 2 hours in duration, this consists of the presentation and discussion. The fees is $500 (subject to negotiation), depending on the content of the seminar.

Please contact us for more details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Brief Counselling Services

Counselling is a process in which a counsellor enters into a relationship with a client in order to help him/her to make some positive lifestyle changes.

Brief counselling services are available on a walk-in basis for clients who may want immediate counselling.

Usually a short telephone interview is conducted, 15 to 20 minutes. During the interview the client is required to provide background information on their particular circumstances, after which a counselling session is scheduled.

Future sessions are negotiated between the client and his/her counsellor.

Contact us today to get the help you deserve!


Internet and Telephone Counselling

Learn how e-counselling (e-mails and Skype) and telephone counselling can benefit you.

Anger Management Centre of Toronto Inc., often accommodates clients who may not be able to attend face-to-face interaction on account of geographic restraints/location or any other reason(s) through e-counselling or telephone counselling.

E-counselling and telephone counselling consists of the client and counsellor communicating through e-mail, Skype or telephone.

The scope of the help provided may be limited depending on the nature of the issues involved with different clients, considering that the circumstances are usually different for each client.

E-counselling and telephone counselling can be confidential, convenient, and helpful in many cases.


Tamil Counselling Services

There is a need in the Tamil community for counselling services geared towards anger management and domestic assault.

The Anger Management Centre of Toronto, Inc. provides psychological services in these areas. Counselling for the domestic assault program and anger management program is provided in Tamil, as well as in English.

We provide culture sensitive counselling in an accepting and non-judgemental environment. One of our counsellors, Jhenene Uthayakumaran is of Tamil background.

For more information, please contact us at the numbers provided.


Individual Counselling

Find out more about our Individual Counselling sessions.

Individual Counselling is a collaborative effort between a client and his/her counsellor. Anger Management Centre of Toronto Inc. provides individual-based counselling services in an open, supportive and confidential environment that helps clients to address and work through the issues that are of concern to them.

Sharing these concerns with a professionally experienced counsellor who assists clients to cope with difficult circumstances and overcome barriers can be very helpful in promoting healing and self-growth.

Counselling is offered on a short or long term basis by trained professional counsellors. The usual time for an individual counselling session is usually between fifty (50) minutes to one (1) hour; often a preliminary assessment is completed which helps to guide the counselling process.


Group Counselling

Find out more about our Group Counselling sessions.

Group counselling involves one or more counsellors working with several people at the same time.

Anger Management Centre of Toronto Inc. provides group counselling in a safe environment where individuals can interact and experiment with new behaviours, improve communication skills, and receive feedback from people with similar concerns and interests. Some groups focus on specific skills and themes while others provide emotional support and psycho-education for group members.

The Centre offers group counselling sessions from time to time. These are usually arranged in advance and the fees are usually lower than individual counselling sessions.

Advantages/Benefits of Group Counselling:

Group counselling allows clients to receive the emotional support and encouragement of the other members of the group which can help to cope with their challenges.

Group members may serve as role models to other members of the group. Hope is often promoted when individuals can relate to other group members who are successfully coping with their challenges.

This can help foster feelings of success and accomplishment.

Group therapy is cost effective and offers a safe environment to talk about confidential matters and challenges. Group counselling allows individuals to practice behaviours and actions within the safety and security of the group.

By working in a group, counsellors can provide valuable feedback to group members.

* Individuals are required to complete an initial intake session with one of the counsellors in order to carefully assess appropriateness.

We offer world-class counselling and private consultations. Try us.


Our mission is to promote mental health and stability by offering a variety of counselling programs for individuals, couples and families.

Our programs and services are covered by most extended health benefits insurance plans.

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Monday-Friday: 12 noon - 6 pm
Saturday: 11 am - 4 pm

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