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Our Rates and Fees

These are our rates as of January 2017. In order to meet our clients’ financial needs, we have a flexible, sliding scale ranging from $80 to $120 per counselling session, plus HST. In special circumstances a lower fee may be negotiated during the initial session.

You can negotiate the above fees when you call to book your 1st appointment or with your counsellor when you come in for your 1st session.

For our two- day Compressed Anger Management Program, the cost is $400; this includes anger management handouts and related articles. It does not cover the cost of any book your counsellor may recommend.

You can pay online, by cash (Canadian $), e-Transfer, money order, or certified cheque payable to "Anger Management Centre Of Toronto, Inc".

Please note that you are expected to pay in full before the Report of Completion will be issued.

You may submit the professional receipt your insurance for compensation (e.g. Green Shield, Claim Secure, Great-West Life, Equitable Life and Sun Life etc). We do not bill the insurance company directly.

General Rates and Fees

Services Charges
One-on-one Consultations (Per Session) $ 80-120
Group Counselling (per day) $ 195

Programs and Courses

Programs Sessions per Session
Anger Management Program 8-10 $ 80-120
Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program 12 $ 80-120
Women's Wellness Program 8 $ 80-120
Teen Anger Management 8 $ 80-120
Men's Support Group 5 $ 40
Road Rage Program 8 $ 80-120
Mindfulness Program 12 $ 80-120
Couples Counselling 10 $ 80-120
Caring Fathers Program 8 $ 80-120
Substance Abuse Program 8 $ 80-120
Stress Management Program 8 $ 80-120
Overcoming Depression 10-12 $ 80-120
Anxiety Therapy 10-12 $ 80-120
Sexual Addiction 10-12 $ 80-120


Workshops / Events Charges
Women's Wellness Group $ 20
Personal Transformation Workshop (30 minutes) $ 40
Group Anger Workshop (5 hours / one day) $ 195
Personal Anger Workshop (6 hours over 2 days $ 395

We offer world-class counselling and private consultations. Try us.


Our mission is to promote mental health and stability by offering a variety of counselling programs for individuals, couples and families.

Our programs and services are covered by most extended health benefits insurance plans.

Markham Location

Markham Healthplex Centre
5995 14th Avenue, Unit A2B
Markham, ON L3S 0A2
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Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm

Contact Details

Latchman P. Narain, Ph.D
(416) 291-8884 (11 AM - 5 PM)
(416) 289-2856 (After Hours)
(416) 902-6437 (Mobile)
(416) 291-2885 (Fax)

North York Location

North York
6 Milvan Drive, Suite 306
North York, ON M9L 1Z2
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Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm

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